Five Benefits of the Coolsculpting Treatment

Here at the Image Clinic we offer a CoolSculpting treatment and are one of the only clinics in Emsworth and Havant that offer this fat freezing treatment. The machine we use is the only FDA approved one in the area. This industry-leading fat freezing treatment is renowned for its effectiveness and has gone from being the industry’s best kept secret to growing in popularity.

There are lots of benefits of the CoolSculpting treatment and here we list five of them for you:

1. Requires very little recovery time

As well as being very low risk, CoolSculpting treatment requires no needles, no extensive movement of skin tissue or numbing agents of any kind and this means after treatment you can get on with your day as normal. Perfect if you are very busy with work and life and can’t afford to take lots of time out to recover.

The only thing we imagine you’ll want to do differently after the treatment is check the mirror more as you start to notice the treatment working!

2. Approved for multiple areas of the body

We’re all different and our bodies all carry fat in different ways. As well as the areas you would expect CoolSculpting to be safe and effective (abdomen and thighs, for example), did you know that you can have fat freezing done under your chin, on your upper neck, your flanks, back and buttocks?

Got an area of stubborn fat where your thighs meet your buttocks? Have you tried everything to shift it? Coolsculpting is designed to also target this area and is safe, low risk and very effective.

3. Carries no/little risk of infection

During treatment no skin is cut or broken meaning your risk of infection from fat freezing is extremely low. Don’t worry; we make sure we are happy that the treatment is safe for you before any sessions are booked in. If you have any concerns, our highly trained team can advise you. This is one of the reasons why fat freezing treatment requires such little recovery time.

4. Helps get rid of the fat not removed by diet and exercise

CoolSculpting is perfect if you have worked and worked to remove stubborn fat from an area like your thighs.  Have you been going to the gym religiously, eaten nothing but clean food and still find that you just cannot get rid of the fat there? Then this treatment option might the be the one for you.

Human beings come in all shapes and sizes and it’s common to have areas of the body that just do not play ball when it comes to diet and exercise. Some bodies hold weight around the abdomen, others around the thighs and buttocks; this completely depends on how your very individual body is designed.

Whether you are a beautiful apple shape or a delicious pear, we can help you target those stubborn areas of fat that just won’t go away.

5. Results are even and long lasting

Fat freezing destroys the targeted fat cells, meaning that they will not come back. This makes the treatment incredibly long lasting and effective. As well as this, CoolSculpting is applied evenly across the body part being treated and this means your results will look even.

Want to find out more? The Image Clinic offers a free consultation to anyone thinking of having CoolSculpting so that you can find out if the treatment is what you want and we can also assess if the treatment is right for you. Our Emsworth Clinic is staffed by a team of trained industry professionals who can answer any questions you have.