How To Find a Good Fat Freezing Clinic?

For a treatment like fat freezing, clients must balance their desire for fantastic results with knowledge of the safety elements to look out for. Finding a good clinic for this treatment could not be more important in terms of the skill of the team, the safety of the clinic and the official certification of the equipment. 

Fat freezing is a treatment that, if performed correctly and safely, can have absolutely fantastic results; not only is the treatment non-surgical, it is done in a short time and requires no lengthy recovery time. 

Results become apparent in the weeks and months following the procedure and clients can enjoy a smooth, even and improved feel to the area treated. Here are the things to look out when choosing a clinic:

1. Make sure the treatment is recognised by an official body

It’s important that the treatment you undergo is cleared by the FDA. Coolsculpting, the fat freezing treatment offered by The Image Clinic is the only fat freezing treatment cleared by the FDA and is safe. 

Don’t book a fat freezing treatment until you are sure that treatment is recognised by the FDA. Safety first! 

2. Schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and worries 

Good clinics will ensure that the client is happy with the treatment plan suggested and also make sure that they themselves are happy that the treatment recommended is safe and will provide the client with what they need. 

An initial consultation is the time where needs and requirements are discussed. Make sure the clinic is realistic with you about what can be expected. If you are worried at all, just ask the team. 

At The Image Clinic, we make sure we are happy for the client to be treated and will recommend a bespoke fat freezing treatment plan after a chat with the client and an examination of the area to be treated has revealed that it may be beneficial. If we don’t think the treatment will benefit you or be suitable for you, we will be sure to provide our expertise and recommendations. 

3. Trust your instincts

Your chosen clinic should be friendly, clean and provide you with a sense of safety. Chat to the team and make sure you are happy with everything. 

The Image Clinic is a very friendly clinic and based inside the Hampshire Health Clinic in Emsworth. Not only do we provide a free consultation before booking in any fat freezing treatments, we ensure our clients and potential clients are happy with everything. 

To book your Coolsculpting treatment, contact The Image Clinic today.