Four Benefits Of Weight Loss Injections

If you’re struggling with your weight, then weight loss injections can be a great solution. 

The injections can be administered in the comfort and privacy of your own home, are not time consuming and have been shown to have a significant impact on weight and general fat burning ability. 

Finding a clinic that offers weight loss injections in a safe way is very important. Not only do you need to know whether the treatment is suitable for you, the clinic will need to ensure that you are fully cognisant of what to expect from the treatment. 

At The Image Clinic, we offer Saxenda injections, which have been clinically proven to help you lose weight and, importantly, keep it off! 

Here are four huge benefits of the weight loss injections we offer at The Image Clinic. 

1. They help regulate your appetite

Nothing scuppers a genuine attempt to lose weight more than a large appetite where it’s difficult to feel satisfied. Feeling hungry can reduce motivation to eat healthily and even affect your working day and morale levels. 

Saxenda helps reduce your appetite because it mimics the action of glucagon-like-peptide (GLP-1), a hormone our bodies produce to regulate our appetite. This means that you may naturally feel less hungry and be less prone to overeating. More on this to follow as we run you through the benefits of Saxenda.

2. Studies show patients lose weight while having the injections

The effects of weight loss injections have been scientifically proven in studies and patients lost up to 10% of their body weight whilst part of the study. In case you’re confused, the studies refer to Saxenda by its medical name of Liraglutide.

This weight loss was achieved without the patients in the study taking part in any other weight loss therapies, so you can see straight away that there is a definite benefit.

3. They can reduce Leptin resistance 

Leptin is massively important when it comes to your body deciding how much weight to lose when you are on a healthy eating plan. 

When you have dieted and then lost and regained weight, Leptin levels rise and fall so much that your body can become resistant to it. Saxenda can change this and improve how this hormone works in your body, meaning that your future weight loss/weight maintenance efforts may be better rewarded. 

4. They can improve sensitivity to insulin

When your body becomes resistant to insulin, it can mean that whatever you eat is stored as fat. Insulin resistance is also something often found in people who are developing or have developed Type Two Diabetes. 

Saxenda can help reset how insulin works in your body by helping make it more sensitive to insulin levels and bringing them down. This switches on other fat burning enzymes, such as Lipase.

Next steps

Are you interested in learning more? Contact The Image Clinic now and we’ll have a chat with you to ascertain your needs and whether the treatment is suitable for you. There are some medical conditions that are not suitable for the treatment and we will assess you to ensure that you can have the injections safely. 

If you’re after “all over” weight loss, Saxenda could definitely be the solution for you. Don’t forget that, in cases where Saxenda is not suitable for you or you have stubborn fat concentrated in certain areas of the body, we also offer an excellent fat freezing treatment called CoolSculpting.

Get in touch with our team today to find out more.