What is Fat Freezing Treatment - Three Facts You Need To Know

Everybody wants to look their best. What you consider your best will vary from person to person but it is a generally acknowledged fact that most of us want to get rid of unsightly fat in areas we struggle to work on.

Of course, embarking on a diet and exercise regime is what most of us do first; that’ll probably involve joining a gym, cutting out certain foods and making sure you’re working off more calories than you are taking in. Taking control of your diet and exercise routine can be absolutely life changing and it can help you feel much better about your body and health.

So, what happens when you diet and exercise for six months, lose weight all over your body and then realise that there is an area that you simply cannot shift the fat from? Most of us have these areas of our bodies, areas we gain the most weight that proves incredibly difficult to shift.

Enter CoolSculpting. This renowned fat freezing treatment is well known for its ability to target the areas you need to work on, without significant pain, downtime or aftercare required. 

Here are some important facts about CoolSculpting and fat freezing treatments:

1. It’s perfect if you’ve got one stubborn area of fat

While CoolSculpting isn’t suitable if you are looking to lose weight all over, it’s perfect for you if you have one area of stubborn fat you want to get rid of. 

For example, a lot of women carry weight around the thighs and upper arms and these can be some of the areas it’s difficult to shed fat from. CoolSculpting targets those areas specifically, leaving the rest of your body unaffected. 

2. Fat freezing treatments don’t require lots of recovery time

Because it’s a completely non surgical treatment, you can go back to your normal schedule right away, provided you feel up to it. This will depend on the area you have had treated, of course. 

Most people can come in for treatment and go straight back to work; again, it completely depends on your constitution and how you feel after your treatment.

3. Results don’t show up immediately - be patient

Don’t expect to see immediate results when you check the area after your treatment. CoolSculpting, like most fat freezing treatments, works gradually so that you see results within two and six months of your treatment being done. 

The area is treated using “controlled cooling” to target fat cells. These cells are destroyed and start to leave the body as part of the body’s natural working process. 

When you lose weight, the fat cells don’t die or get destroyed, they simply shrink. Fat freezing treatments completely destroy the targeted cells, which means that they cannot come back. 

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Ros Norton