Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup (also known as micro-pigmentation, semi-permanent make-up) is a revolutionary beauty treatment resulting in beautifully sculpted brows, enchantingly enhanced eyes and soft full lips which gives the subtle look of perfectly applied make-up 24/7. Permanent makeup has grown in popularity in recent years the development of permanent makeup has seen more natural, soft looking results compared to that of a decade ago.

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With Permanent Makeup, Lips can look more youthful, fuller, vibrant and awake with a soft natural contour and blush.

A sharp contour can offer anti-ageing effect to the face. A wide range of colours ensures that a natural look can be achieved for everyone or for those who require a deeper colour for a more noticeable finish.


With Permanent Makeup, Brows can be defined and sculpted for those with few hairs, lack of shape and density. The enhancement of the brows can lift the face offering amazing anti-ageing effects opening the eyes and giving the appearance of youth and awakeness. The effect can be created either through a process of hair by simulation in which individual hairs are created to give fullness to the brow.

Alternatively a colour mist can be applied which results in a beautifully shaped brow to compliment the face shape. The need for an eyebrow pencil will be a thing of the past and the worry of them getting smudged or washed away forgotten.

Eye Lashes

Eyes can have either a soft subtle shadow between the lashes resulting in a sense of depth and colour without the look of wearing make-up, giving definition and a lovely frame to the eyes on matter what time of day.

Alternatively a stronger more defined line can be created just above the lash line offering the subtle appearance of make-up which is perfectly applied and never runs or smudges.


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